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  • Quick - Build your daily shortlist of football bets and trades in minutes
  • Easy - Our detailed User Guide explains exactly how to pick out the best bets
  • Profitable - Real life results posted monthly that show betting bank growth
  • Fully Supported - We're online 7 days a week to help you get the most from TYB

Trade Your Bets is ideal for both beginners and experienced bettors/traders.

The History of Trade Your Bets...

Kevin Laverick, professional football trader

Hi, I'm Kevin Laverick. I started using Betfair when it was very new, right after I had been made redundant. Like most people, I got over excited and blew a number of banks before taking control of my poor discipline and decision making.

In 2005 I started over, winning back my previous losses. Making money from football trading has now become second nature and it is the most wonderful job in the world.

Trade Your Bets was launched in June 2016. I used to calculate value manually for a small number of leagues but, by using smart technology, I was able to build a database containing many more leagues and apply the same calculations. This opened up far more betting and trading opportunities than ever before and it was fully automated. A huge win for everyone! 

In 2020 I launched the latest version of my 'Live Value Calculator' and it seemed that everyone on the planet wanted access to it! When the number of members more than tripled in less than a fortnight, I was forced to close the doors.

Fast forward to 2023 and, with more help on hand, Trade Your Bets is now open again.

What are our members saying?

A football on a white background

...simple and quick to use

I use the Live Value Calculator to find the best trading opportunities quickly; it's my starting point for analyzing matches. I don't find there is much to improve because it is simple and quick to use.

SILVIA  //  Trade Your Bets Member

A football on a white background

...more opportunities

What I like most about the Live Value Calculator is it makes it easier to find trading opportunities, the addition of first half filters was nice too, more opportunities.

MAZAR  //  Trade Your Bets Member

Introducing the Live Value Calculator

Our Live Value Calculator searches upcoming fixtures in 85 leagues worldwide for 'value'. In other words, that the odds on offer at Betfair are better than the actual probability - or 'fair odds' - as calculated from our own data.

The Live Value Calculator, calculates fair odds using three different algorithms. The first is '1 Year' which covers the current season, the second is '3 Year' which also covers the previous two seasons, then the last is '10 Year' which adds in the previous nine.

Of course, no team on the planet is the same from season to season, let alone over ten years!

Therefore, the algorithms work more generically across individual leagues and different strengths of teams. This also provides much more relevant data for the algorithm to work with.

It's a very complicated calculation, thankfully it's all done automatically for you each day!

The Live Value Calculator imports Betfair odds for a number of markets and compares them against our own fair odds:

  1. If the Betfair odds are significantly higher than the fair odds, the selection will get a green tick.
  2. If they are significantly lower than the fair odds, the selection will get a red cross.
  3. If they are somewhere in between, the selection will get an amber question mark.

Essentially, they work as traffic signals where green is go, red is stop, amber is caution.

Here's an example of the Live Value Calculator during the summer of 2023. There are not as many leagues in action at this time of year, but still opportunities to be found.

Live Value Calculator June 2023

Click to enlarge

Firstly, I applied a filter to hide fixtures with missing calculations. This may be because there's no Betfair market or because one of the teams has not been in the league for long enough to provide the required amount of data.

I then opened the 'Minimum Number of Ticks/Crosses' filter which offered plenty of options.

Live Value Calculator filters

I asked to view only fixtures that had 3 green ticks in the 'BTS' (Both Teams to Score) column and I was left with two fixtures for potential bets, both in Japan.

Live Value Calculator filtered

Click to enlarge

There is a little more research required before placing a bet, but all the information you need is available in the Database. For example, you can click on a team name to view their results for the season so far.

Urawa Reds results

Both of these fixtures were winners for Both Teams to Score!

Urawa Reds v Shonan Bellmare result
Jubilo Iwata v Ventforet Kofu result

Because all the hard work is done for you, the Live Value Calculator is very quick and easy to use.

A football on a white background

...the summer leagues are good too

During the season I always try and look for 3 tick selections to keep an eye on. Looking forward to the new season, even though the summer leagues are good too.

JONATHAN // Trade Your Bets Member

We're going to show you how to use 'value' to grow your betting bank

  • Detailed User Guide for Beginners and Experienced Bettors
  • Easy to Follow Examples that Show Different Scenarios
  • 'Live Value Calculator' that Calculates Value Automatically
  • Follow Paul's Personal Betting Results Sheet
  • Unlimited Email Support Every Day of the Week
Trade Your Bets

Introducing Paul Gillman

Paul Gillman

Hi, I'm Paul and I've been working with the Goal Profits and Trade Your Bets team since 2018. In between my football betting and trading, I handle a lot of the customer service duties.

During 2021, I started using the Live Value Calculator to find set-and-forget bets. Like most people these days, I lead a busy life so I'm not always able to get online to trade in-play.

Even when I am able to sit in front of my screen, perhaps on a Saturday afternoon, I'm often concentrating on my football trades. Having bets running in the background doesn't take up any more time, so it's an ideal way to keep my bank working hard.

I was really impressed with the results I was able to achieve. From January 2023, I started with a fresh £1,000 bank. I wanted to see exactly what could be achieved from betting only, compounding stakes as I go.

It took me less than six months to double my bank, which was pretty spectacular!

Here is my progress so far...


Opening Bank


Monthly Profit

Closing Bank

Monthly Bank Growth

January 2023






February 2023






March 2023






April 2023






May 2023






June 2023






July 2023






August 2023






September 2023






October 2023






November 2023






In the User Guide, I have explained exactly how I use the Live Value Calculator to find my set-and-forget bets. You can follow what I do, or find your own angles to profit from. It's very quick and easy!

What's Included with Membership?

Detailed User Guide

Step-by-step instructions that show you exactly how to profit from TYB. Ideal for both beginners and advanced traders.

Live Value Calculator

Unique Live Value Calculator that uses 10 years worth of data to calculate 'fair prices' and spot value betting/trading opportunites.

Follow Paul's Progress

View Paul's line-by-line betting results, see what type of opportunities he's profiting from and ask any questions you have.

Unlimited Email Support

We're online 7 days a week to help you get the most from the TYB system. We'll happily answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take?

It just takes a couple of clicks to apply filters that generate your shortlist for the day, then a minute or two to research each potential qualifier.

When placing set-and-forget bets, a few more minutes at Betfair or your favourite bookmaker and you're done for the day.

If you prefer to have more control over your money and, potentially, make more profit then you can choose to trade. Of course, this does take more time but you certainly don't need to sit in front of your PC for hours on end!

What size bank do I need to get started?

A £1,000 bank is ideal, then you can divide it into 100 points worth £10 each. At that level, you don't need to find too many winners in order to cover your membership and pocket some profit for yourself.

However, if you're a beginner then it makes sense to start small while you gain experience. A number of members have started with £500 banks (or even smaller).

The most important thing is that it's not money you are relying on to pay bills. Never do that!

How much profit will I make?

There's no way to predict that! So many factors will determine the amount of profit you make, including your level of experience and bank size.

You can see Paul's results above, which give you a good idea of what can be achieved with a £1,000 starting bank.

What happens at the end of the season?

There's plenty of football played all year round.

We currently cover 29 summer leagues, so you won't be short of opportunities.

Am I tied in to a subscription?

Definitely not!

You're in full control of your subscription and you can cancel at any time if you choose to.

Remember, you have all the help you will ever need to become profitable and grow your bank.

Do I need a Betfair account?

If you plan to trade your bets, then you will need access to a Betfair account.

However, for set-and-forget betting you can use almost any bookmaker. It makes sense to use the bookie that offers the best odds for each bet.

Do you have any further questions? Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

We're going to show you how to use 'value' to grow your betting bank

  • Detailed User Guide for Beginners and Experienced Bettors
  • Easy to Follow Examples that Show Different Scenarios
  • 'Live Value Calculator' that Calculates Value Automatically
  • Follow Paul's Personal Betting Results Sheet
  • Unlimited Email Support Every Day of the Week
Trade Your Bets