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Kevin Laverick, professional football trader

Kevin Laverick

After launching the 10 Year Database in the summer of 2020, the number of Trade Your Bets members more than tripled.

Unfortunately, with only 24 hours in a day, I simply didn't have time to provide the top class support that I promise to all members.

My only option was to close Trade Your Bets to new members until I could get some help. Now that Paul Gillman is on board, I'm delighted to offer you the opportunity to trade with me.

Be quick or miss out!

This is the first time that I have opened the doors for more than a year. Just to be on the safe side, I will be closing the doors again very soon. That will give me time to welcome all the new members and get everyone settled in.

I don't know when Trade Your Bets will open again after this. If there's a flood of new members like the last time, then it won't be any time soon! Apologies in advance to anyone who misses out.

I will be closing the doors to new members in...


Welcome to the Future of Betting

Are you tired of waiting for your betting bank to grow?

  • Betting for most people is not nearly as profitable as it used to be. Bookies trim prices constantly...
  • ... making sure that they are able to take YOUR money and add it to THEIR profits.
  • Everyone who starts winning soon receives an email to say that their account has been restricted, or even closed. It's not a level playing field.
A man who is frustrated with not making a profit from football betting
Kevin Laverick, professional football trader

Hi, I'm Kevin Laverick. I've been a professional football trader for many years and I'm going to show you how to bet and trade with value.

Firstly, let's face facts... bookies are in business for one reason; to take your money.

They employ mathematicians and analysts who study lists of football fixtures, set wafer thin prices and then add their overround (profit margin) on top! How can anyone who bets part-time compete with all that?

Making a long-term profit from 'set and forget' betting is tough and it's only going to get worse!

The only way to profit long-term from betting is to find 'value'

But trying to identify value is increasingly tough when you're going up against teams of analysts who spend all day, every day investigating football players, teams and leagues.

And even if you could  find value on a regular basis, do you think that the bookies would sit back and let you win?

Football referee showing a red card

Bookies are really good at their job... and that is to price markets in their favour.

They have the advantage, so what on earth can you do to swing the odds your way?

I was a very successful betting tipster for many years, working with various websites

I always managed to turn a profit, picking out value from a small number of football leagues.

I kept my own database, often working until late at night to keep it fully updated with the statistics I needed to keep winning. For many years this was enough to keep me ahead of the markets, but the bookies caught up.

Slowly but surely, my betting profits started to fall - even though I was still winning just as many bets as ever. The difference was that the markets were getting smarter, offering smaller prices, less value.

Road sign which points in different directions, "give up" and "try again"

I would have dearly loved to keep on as I was, but something had to change... or I was finished.

I looked back at how bookies had priced up over 2.5 goals markets in the English Premier League...

During the 2012/13 season, 55.8% of English Premier League matches ended over 2.5 goals (3 goals or more) which translates into odds of 1.79. The average odds offered by bookies was also 1.79.

The following season, 2013/14, saw the number of matches ending in over 2.5 goals fall to 51.6% or 1.94. However, the bookies only offered average odds of 1.85... 0.09 below break-even!

Bookies were pricing markets in their  favour more than ever!

In 2014/15 it got even worse! 48.4% of matches ended over 2.5 goals and this translates into odds of 2.07, well above even money. However, the bookies only offered 1.93 on average. That's 0.14 below fair value!

I was really annoyed! I gave it one last attempt in 2016, but simply confirmed that the world had moved on.

It was time to re-think my entire betting and trading philosophy to turn the value back in my favour.

A frustrated man with a calculator

My degree in Pure Maths and Statistics came in handy as I explored my options

I found myself using betting exchanges more than bookies and my profits started to rise again

  • Firstly, I started to bet and trade the exact same football matches
    Even though all the evidence pointed to better profits from trading, I was blown away by the actual results. Straight betting made a small profit during the first six months of 2016, but trading the same matches in the same markets more than doubled my bank!
  • Secondly, I developed algorithms which search out value
    With the help of Steve Brown at Goal Profits, I developed algorithms which calculate 'fair' prices in various betting markets. They then compare those prices with actual Betfair markets in order to identify where the value opportunities are.
  • Finally, I applied the value algorithms to football leagues all over the world
    I was only interested in the best value opportunities and the algorithm was able to analyse many more football leagues than anyone could possibly do themselves. I could then concentrate on betting and trading rather than updating spreadsheets, which was a better use of my time!

I had begun to trade my bets profitably...

Trade Your Bets you can do it too

My database holds ten seasons worth of data for every football team playing in leagues all over the world.

It applies my value algorithms to all upcoming fixtures in those leagues, constantly scanning the Match OddsBoth Teams to Score and Over 1.5/2.5/3.5 Goals  Betfair markets for value opportunities.

Trading football matches has never been quicker or easier.

My 10 Year Database does all the hard work, so all you have to do is log in and start trading

  • 1
    Members Area: everything you need to trade your bets is here. I've made it really easy to find all the trading tools you need and they're super simple to use. I don't like 'complicated'.
  • 2
    Easy to Get Started: you don't need to spend hour after hour trying to learn the strategies. They are very easy and you'll be up and running today.
  • 3
    World Class Support: you have all the help and support you could possibly dream of. I have explained everything as simply as possible, but email me whenever you have a question and I'll be delighted to get back to you with an answer.
Man who is punching the air and celebrating winning

This is all you need to start trading your bets today

You will need a betting exchange account so that you're not cut off as soon as you start winning.

You will need a bit of spare time if you decide that you prefer to trade in-play rather than 'set-and-forget' bet.

And that's it... you're ready to log in to the Members Area and start growing your betting bank!

Start Trading Your Bets Today!

Get immediate access to everything you need:

  1. 10 Year Database with value calculations for upcoming fixtures all over the world
  2. All the help and support you could ever need to become a successful football trader
  3. My trading strategies explained in full so that you can get started right away

Are you short of time?

No problem... just follow my tips instead!

In the Members Area, you will find my daily Match Odds and Over 2.5 Goals tips. I explain exactly when to enter trades and when to take the profit, so you can start trading right away.

As if that wasn't enough... David Heaton shares tips for his lay the draw trading system which has turned a £200 bank into £1,000 six times and he's currently on run #7!

Trade Your Bets

Get Immediate Access to Everything

  • 10 Year Database with value calculations for upcoming fixtures all over the world
  • Daily trading tips from me, plus lay the draw tips from David Heaton
  • All the help and support you could ever need to become a successful football trader
  • My trading strategies explained in full so that you can get started right away

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer all services in good faith and strive to provide a level of customer care far in advance of other service providers. I know that you will stand a much better chance of making a long-term profit by following my value trading methods than you will with many other strategies out there.

In keeping with this, while there is no legal obligation for me to do so, I am happy to offer a full refund for your most recent payment within 7 days of the payment date. You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain for many months and years to come.

If you feel unhappy with any element of my service, please contact me with full details of what has gone wrong and I will go above and beyond to put it right.

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Do you have any questions I haven't already answered?

Contact me - click here - and I'll be delighted to answer any further questions you have.

Kevin Laverick, professional football trader
Kevin Laverick

Professional Football Trader

About Me

I started using Betfair when it was very new, right after I had been made redundant. Like most people, I got over excited and blew a number of banks before taking control of my poor discipline and decision making.

In 2005 I started over, winning back my previous losses. Making money from football trading has now become second nature and it is the most wonderful job in the world!

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